LaFont frames featured reading a book

Let's Find You Funky Frames

We'll never force you to pick a show-stopping frame at CustomEyes, but we can't help but gravitate towards brands with zany colors, intriguing designs, and quirky details. Want to join the funky frames club? Here are some brands we carry to get you started on your journey. Trust us... you'll never want to go back. 

Lafont Eyewear - A Rainbow of Possibilities

Tired of boring black frames? Have we got the brand for you!
Lafont eyewear is all about color. 80% of the colors found in the Lafont collection are exclusive to the brand thanks to the creative power and innovation of the Lafont Design Studio. At CustomEyes, Lafont is the brand that offers an immediate impact with dramatic color combinations and distinctive geometry.
These glasses are made in Paris and thus have a certain je ne sais quoi. The brand has been around for over 90 years!

Cocosong Eyewear - Poetry for Your Eyes

Break the chains of monotony! Embrace frames with eccentric attributes.
Cocosong Eyewear CEO Sylvia Paasch-Oberstein sees eyewear as an art. She says, eyewear should be "perfectly paired day to day like fine jewelry."
Each Cocosong frame is handcrafted with materials such as leaves, silk, feathers, and flowers. When you look closely, you can see the attention and care devoted to each one of these Orient-inspired frames.

February 31st - Soulful Fashion

Quality glasses with bold colors? Yes, please! Designs you can create yourself with the help of the expert crew at CustomEyes? Even better.

February 31st is an Italian brand that specializes in wooden glasses and guess what? They don't sacrifice color for their quality materials. The wood is sourced sustainable and organically treated. Feb 31st frames come in a variety of fun colors: bright pinks, lime greens, bold reds, and even rainbow patterns that can be custom crafted the way YOU want it. Where else can you get the chance to be as funky as you like with glasses that you design yourself? If you like rocking the rainbow, February 31st even has an amazing choice of stained wood rainbow patterns perfect for creating that bold look.

IGreen Eyewear - Create-Your-Own Frames for Children

Another ecologically responsible line we carry that is MADE to be customized is I Green Eyewear. Crafted from recycled and repurposed plastic material found in the US, these lightweight, but strong glasses are perfect for children and young adults who normally hate picking eyewear. You get to pick the perfect shape, size, color, and pattern for your frames, and we'll order them just like you want them! First-time wearers get a special reduced price package with most prescriptions, meant to be reasonable for the parent's pocketbook. These glasses are worn with love by children because they were able to create their ideal look.

Still interested in embarking on the funky glasses journey? We are happy to help you find designs that are flattering while still expressing your personality. Visit CustomEyes at 1540 S 2nd St #120, Wilmington, NC 28401. We are open from 11 am - 7 pm.