So, Why CustomEyes?

December 05, 2020 Gregor Owen 0 comment

So, Why CustomEyes?

CustomEyes believes in the art of eyewear. Our opticians work with you to help you achieve both comfort and style. We will be with you in the process of selection and design and after: not just until you walk out of the door. 

We specialize in cutting edge digital imaging, freeform design and Shamir lens technology -- the most complex and sophisticated lenses on the market. This ensures your prescription needs are being met to the fullest. We take out the guesswork and optimize the sharpness and clarity of lenses, shaping not only the frames to your face, but the lenses to the shape of your eyes. Your prescription is unique to you -- your lenses should be too! 


We prioritize protecting your eyes by honing in on how you use your glasses, why you need them, and what your day to day lifestyle looks and feels like. All of our lenses come with multiple layers of coatings and contain anti-reflective coatings, quartz layers to help prevent scratching, and ultraviolet protection. 

Our Shamir digital lenses include nine layers of coatings on each side and offer the ultimate visual protection, easy cleaning, and a two year warranty with replacement for scratches if you defeat the coatings. Our standard lens choice is also designed from ballistically tested high impact material for complete protection. If you need extreme blue light filters, we offer BluTech true protein filter computer lenses.