What Makes CustomEyes Lenses Superior?

December 05, 2020 Gregor Owen 0 comment

What Makes CustomEyes Lenses Superior?

Our lenses are superior thanks to the new technologies we use which are designed to fix age-old problems like funny curvatures, ‘squished’ vision, molded and limited target areas, and consistency.


Our technologies are exclusive to optical shops whose opticians are expertly trained to customize the measurements and design free form lenses. At CustomEyes, we're experts at delivering digital imaging and freeform clarity that is simply of superior quality. This is not the usual slapping together of eyewear like you’d get online or at an overcrowded eye doctor’s office: these technologies provide an exclusive eyewear experience, allowing you to see your glasses as an accessory rather than a necessity -- you’ll actually want to wake up and put on your frames. 

Think of your eyesight as if it were pixelated. When you select a TV, camera, or even a phone, pixel resolution is key. With ray by ray true digital processing, you are adding “pixels” to your ability to see clearer. Glasses without Shamir lenses likely cause too much head movement, poor peripheral vision, and poor reading areas in addition to vision that is far from as clear as it could be.  Everyone wants that high definition vision that mimicks new TV and camera technologies that allow you to feel immersed in what you're watching. Shamir lenses deliver that stunningly sharp focus that creates crisp edge detail, improved colors, and more contrast sensitivity for low light conditions.

We want to clear up that fuzzy resolution and let you feel immersed in your life again, not simply watching it though glasses that may aggravate and irritate. Our freeform lenses will intensify your world view with stunning clarity, even at distance and in dimmer light, providing better shape contrast. Using a laser-guided microscopic pin, CustomEyes and Shamir use a digital manufacturing process that creates the lens you need to experience life in the moment, presenting you with a precise pair of eyewear crafted out of the most advanced materials that fits your lifestyle. With 18 to 20 different lens designs, we are positive that we can provide you with the lenses you need to see clearly and feel confident in your sight and style, no matter who you are or what you do.