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Alain Mikli 2029


Do you dare?  Petite and sassy vintage look with stunning geometry.  This is for the wild child frustrated by the ordinary and lusting for impact that will make a bold statement from across the room.  Wear what you want!

Barton Perreira Woody Matte Golden Honey DME CODE: V2025


One of the most brilliant designs coming from the talented Patty Perreira.  Not too square and cornered, not too round, here she has found the shape that fits everyone.  Available in a myriad of colors and two sizes it offers an amazing diversity of fit and choice of colors to suit anyone's desire..  This matt golden...

Barton Perreira Norton Desert Sky DME CODE: V2025


See the world from a fresh perspective in the distinguished Norton. The lighter earthtone tortoise fade look is perfectly suited for a neutral skin tone blend.  A keyhole bridge provides an established feel, while the round lenses add a natural element that is wearable and minimal.

Barton Perreira Lovitt Gold/Old English Polarized DME CODE:V2025


For an eternally cool look, slip into the Lovitt. This rounded aviator shape compliments any face shape and the etched temples add a touch of edge. The adjustable nose pads and acetate temple tips ensure maximum comfort.

Barton Perreira Courtier in Champagne and YG:DME CODE:V2025


One of the most stunning of the new crystal sunglass designs.  Amazing double bridge construction playing off the modified aviator.  Crystal eyewire and temple flair is wrapped in a yellow gold wire frame with slim laser tooled temples.  This brilliant combination of YG and Crystal is further highlighted by the custom tinted forest green lenses...

Barton Perreira Eiger in Matt Black:DME CODE:V2025


Another elegantly sculpted linear design from Patty Perreira.  With a trapezoid cut to lift out and up to temple flair, use of the rare opaque matt black finishes the effect.  A deeper more balanced dropped vertical separates this frame from the common skinny rectangle.  A benefit to progressive wearers as it allows for a deeper and wider reading area in...

Barton Perreira Eero in Matt Midnight:DME Code: V2025


Unique matte midnight blue rectangle for that distinctive darker look without resorting to the common black.   Subtle light grain in this very creative deep navy color resonates in a strong classic style with a linear cut that always fits any occasion.  A larger fit for those tired of the smaller tailored looks out there.  Make an elegant...

Barton Perreira Eiger in Olive Green:DME CODE:V2025


Clean lines and a comfortable keyhole bridge with a strong rectangle for men with rich looking matte olive hue that works on any skin tone and separates this frame from the ordinary.  Good for those hard to find larger fits that offer good coverage and a tailored fit without looking bulky.

Vuarnet 1907 in C3 DME CODE: V2025


Brilliant modified aviator with a French color side shield and moderate wrap with brushed silver hardware and Pure gray lenses for exact color perception.

Coco Song Rise Together 184 c1 DME CODE: V2025


Classy elegance is beautifully wrought into this lovely floral accented black tailored frame that has adds a stunning profile in lime green temples inlaid with textured cloth enhanced with the floral motif and trimmed in sculptured silver endplates.

FEB 31st Lucas:DME CODE:V2025


Perfectly proportioned men's frame in Navy stained wood with a tailored geometry using a curving arch at the top and a trapezoid cut angling up to bold temples with a blond wood interior.

FEB 31st Filo in Matte Ebony/Granite Grain DME CODE: V2025


Clean tailored men's rectangle with matte black wood top transitioning to a gray granite wood finish at the bottom and paired with titanium antique gray temples.

Francis Klein Denim in Black Lace & Red Temples: DME CODE: V2025


Asymmetrical black lace patterns with stunning red stone hand-formed floral accents and crystals make this beauty the perfect elegant statement.  Translucent red temples add just the right amount of sass.

La Matta 3215 c3 DMV CODE: V2025


Wonderfully detailed treatment in black and white using thin arched white top trim with a blend into a lower black color for high accent. Then flowing into a complex white on black leopard stripe stonework with triangles of alternating black and white.

La Matta 3215 c3 DMV CODE: V2025


Stunning deep blue granite design glimmers in the dark navy base in this bold combination frame with bold brow accents pieces on a gold metal structure.  The temple details incorporate futuristic arrow-shaped blue and emerald accents trimmed in dressy gold.

FEB 31st Kara in Rainbow


Rock the rainbow!  A stunning example of the ultimate in custom wooden frame design. This sample demonstrated the way multiple looks can be had in one frame.  This features the outer part of the frame and the temple done in any pattern, including the brilliant rainbow wood.  The base color of the front is light lavender and...



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