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Alain Mikli 3092 in C5 DME CODE: V2025


Checkerboard black and white has been an iconic part of the Mikli legend.  No other designer can match its' complex pattern.

Alain Mikli 3982 in C3 DME CODE: V2025


Highly stylized slim pastel in a beautiful blend of peach and translucent rose.  Stunning in evening light on deeper complexions.

Alain Mikli 3082 in c1:DME CODE:V2025


Carefully blended colors in a super slim back base with whimsical orange-highlighted multicolor accents that offer tantalizing points of design interring from every angle.

Alain Mikli 3067 in CF107 DME CODE: V2025


Lined teal green center transitioning to a subtle gray marble. Soft lines and a lot of lift set this unique geometry apart.

Alain Mikli 3065 in C3071 DME CODE: V2025


Larger design in a hand-blended tortoise accented with blue using the traditional rectangle and unique color blends to separate the wearer from the crowd.

Alain Mikli 3065 in C299 DME CODE: V2025


Traditional men’s style with black and crystal carbon fiber look to separate it from the ordinary.

Alain Mikli 3047 in C1 DME CODE: V2025


Stunning use of smoke gray marble with a bold top bar trimmed in navy.  Heavy and powerful construction for a look reminiscent of vintage designs in contemporary use of color for the fashion-forward wearer.

Alain Mikli 3037 in C2 DME CODE: V2025


Color textured like a rich textile this frame uses rich burgundy and lavender base translucent combined with crosshatching and linear details to accent rich skin undertones.

Alain Mikli 3037 in C1 DME CODE: V2025


Stunning use of primary red translucent crosshatching blended into a black and crystal finish below.  Truly magnificent and flattering with lift and sass.

Alain Mikli 2035 in C5 DME CODE: V2025


Another creative design unlike the usually limited choices for men in a stunning dark blue in a tri-color pattern for accent.  Ready to rock the unique and leave the ordinary in your drawer.

Alain Mikli 2035 in C1 DME CODE: V2025


Distinctive and classic men’s frame with clean linear styling in matte black and subtle burgundy accents.  Tight size with a creative use of layering and texture.

Alain Mikli 2033 in C2 DME CODE: V2025


Concise look in classic Mikli matte black and white with particular attention to lift and a moderate size for petite faces.

Alain Mikli 2033 in C1 DME CODE: V2025


Almost everyone has oversized frames.  If you are looking for a smaller unique shape with flair and lift in a perfect blend of Matt red and black.



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