About Us

About Us

We believe in the art of eyewear and using the latest lens science to ensure each client finds perfectly fitted and stylishly coordinated eyewear designs. At CustomEyes, our qualified staff will help you select glasses that fit properly, look great, and deliver simply superior vision using the latest technology and frame artistry. 


An Especially Unique Eyewear Experience. 

We will design the exact eyewear you envision; crafting glasses you want to wear. Get ready for compliments galore! Our frames will be sure to accentuate your natural beauty. CustomEyes will find a fit aligned with your heart's desire, make it happen in the glasses you choose with our stunning selections and customized digital free form lens designs.


Why CustomEyes?

We have both the passion and expertise to help find the best pair of glasses for you by offering a catered and personal eyewear shopping experience. Your are glasses are the most important accessory you wear — choose them wisely with CustomEyes.


We make it personal.

Too often when purchasing glasses elsewhere qualified guidance is lacking. 


At CustomEyes, our licensed opticians will personally assist you in your eyewear shopping venture by using the latest technology and frame artistry, combined with our genuine care for our clients. We believe in CustomEyes, and we believe in the art of eyewear.

an especially unique eyewear experience.


Tuesday-Sunday: 11am-7pm

Meet The Team

Gregor Owen, owner and founder of CustomEyes at South Front in Wilmington, has been in the optical business for more decades than he really cares to count. 

Gregor has consulted with and managed business solutions for Ophthalmology, Optometry, and large and small chain optical businesses.  He is a licensed optician and is a Fellow of the National Academy of Opticianry, Charter Certified Optician with the American Board of Opticianry, a Certified Contact Lens Fitter, and a member of the NC Opticians Association.  

He has written, lectured and taught optical technology and business solutions to a variety of eye care professionals and is a certified American Board of Opticianry Continuing Education lecturer. He has extensive training in the exciting new digital lens design technology and specializes in the enhanced vision of wrap compensated sport vision and sunwear.  

He has been a competitive sailor for most of his life and sails as crew for several North Carolina and Florida race boats. He also enjoys swimming, rock climbing, competitive fencing, and the occasional pickup soccer or basketball game. 



Dominic mcCoy


Dominic McCoy has over 30 years of experience in the Optical industry. He has dedicated his career to providing clients with high quality merchandise along with personalized service. Early on he discovered his uncanny ability to select, design, and construct for his clients the glasses they have always wanted but have never been able to find. His knowledge of aesthetics (including skin tone, hair color, and face shape), proper fit evaluation, and optical science makes him the perfect guide for anyone on a quest to find their perfect pair.  To all of his clients he quickly became synonymous with outstanding professionalism, customer service, and technical expertise.  Dominic now uses these remarkable talents with Gregor Owen at CustomEyes, the stunning new optical boutique located in the exciting new South Front District. 


Dominic is committed to providing each and every client with an exceptional eyewear experience.  Nothing pleases him more than seeing the finished product and the joy and excitement his customers receive from their new eyewear. His true passion is to provide each and every one of his clients with high quality, beautifully crafted frames along with the best in Rx lens technology. 


Outside of his professional life, Dominic enjoys quiet evenings at home listening to music and cooking (his other two passions).  He also enjoys live concerts, playing basketball, bowling, and an occasional game of chess.  A beach bum at heart, he loves to get away to the ocean for fresh seafood and walks on the beach whenever life and schedule permits.  He has found Wilmington to be the perfect place to call home.


Dominic is a NC licensed Optician, certified by the American Board of Opticianry and the National Contact Lens Examiners, and is a member of the NC Opticians Association.