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“The new technology used in developing the lens is phenomenal. My vision is so clear and sharp. I must return for sunglasses now!”

— Jean B.

“ I feel like I have walked into a world of unparalleled clarity in grand style with my new glasses. I am extremely near-sighted and these lenses give me the clearest vision I have ever had (in 50+ years) while being the lightest and thinnest! The lenses’ digital clarity, the precision of the measurements, and the great contemporary design are unique in my experience of selecting glasses.”

— Irene T.

“Gregor is the best in the business! He can look at you and know right there and then what will look good on you. He makes a person feel and look like a million bucks!! If I could give him 10 stars on here I would. He's that good!!!”

— Nikki S.

"As soon as I put them on, I could “see” the difference in the lens clarity as compared to my former glasses from somewhere else! Things seem more crisp and sharp."

— Virginia

“The digital lenses are the icing on the cake. There is absolutely no comparison between the digital technology and my older, standard lenses. I love the clarity and definition I have now. Gregor did an amazing job with my prescription.”

— Camille L.

"Custom Eyes has an amazing selection of eyeglass frames! Very contemporary, creative and energetic looks for men and women. They have suppliers that use an incredible array of colors and patterns. Gregor, Dominic and Kelly work closely with each customer. to find the right look for you. They have new measurement techniques that guarantee wearing comfort and convenience. You should visit them in the upbeat new Greenfield Ave neighborhood in Wilmington, which features some edgy restaurants, wine bars, spas and a jazz club. Great vibes in the area and at CustomEyes!"

— Rick & Jeanne S.

"It is hard to say enough good things about Custom Eyes. I went in there with a vague idea that I might need new glasses and, after an overdue eye exam, left with the most comfortable, clear, helpful glasses I've ever had. And my appearance is enhanced by their elegant frame. The service was outstanding and the products are absolutely tops. I could not think of a better business handling eyeglasses than this one. Hats off to them!"

— Roger C.

"If you are looking for eyeglasses that pop in color and have unusual frame shapes and designs, then this is the store for you! I have been looking forever to find a store which sells frames similar to the ones that you can get in New York City. This store has incredible frames! I also found the owner/optician, Gregor Owen to be very knowledgeable and friendly. His shop is in the new "artsy" section of Wilmington! So glad I found this store!"

— Ej H.

"I cannot say enough positive things about CustomEyes. First, the selection of frames is awesome, by far exceeding most other optical shops in town. I have a smallish face and sometimes have to resort to kids' frames to get a proper fit. I was ready to go to the "big city" to find a better array of frames when I discovered CustomEyes. The new Shamir lens technology is spectacular -- providing sharp, crisp vision. The staff is skilled at matching facial features to frame shape, size, and color -- ranging from traditional to edgy styles. I want all glasses-wearers to know about CustomEyes. What a find!"

— K.Sagett


After your purchase adjustments and simple repairs are always no charge and we encourage routine visits to make sure the fit stays perfectly comfortable. Any second pairs purchased within 30 days of the first are 30% off the digital lens pricing, including clear, sun, or transition lenses. If your doctor changes your prescription within the first 3 months of rocking your new frames, CustomEyes will switch the lenses out free of charge, ensuring that the fit and frame will still provide you with the promised precision.
CustomEyes ensures a 2-year scratch warranty for all of its digital lenses -- though we’re not sure you’ll need it. With 9 layers of anti-reflective, quartz and filtering coatings, you’re protected from ultraviolet rays, impact, diffuse blue light and more -- all packaged into a pair of light and thin lenses. Long gone are the days of coke bottle glasses, we’ll protect your eyes in style. If you need extreme blue light filters, we offer BluTech true protein filter computer lenses.


At CustomEyes, we provide a full-service experience, walking you through the process and figuring out who you are, not simply letting you lose to wander around with dilated eyes or squint at your laptop trying to picture a frame on your own face. We want to get to know you and consider all factors prior to selecting your frames. What are your preferred colors? What do you like to wear? What kind of daily activities do you do and how do your glasses play into them? We hone in on the details. Your glasses are an accessory, not a necessity. So, just as we would look at any other stylistic decision, we’ll consider the shape of your face, your skin tone, the variations in the contrast between the frames and the hues, tone, and shape of your face and complexion. Are you sassy? Bold? Classic? Sporty? Let’s define your style and let it seep into your lifestyle. We shape your eyewear to your personality. CustomEyes is there through every step of the process, allowing you to engage, understand and learn about what you and your eyes need to thrive.



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